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What are the Real Benefits of Coconut Oils for Hair Health and Beauty?

Coconut is a well-known organic component within the cosmetics industry recognised for its proven health benefits and for hair beauty. In this article, we explain what the real impacts are of using products that contain these oils, their characteristics, benefits and method of use. The Trend of using Organic and…

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Why Are Vitta Gold and Amazonplex Products Trusted Worldwide?

Hair straightening treatments have long been known to damage hair. Many harmful chemicals and components (like formaldehyde) were needed in these types of products to achieve the desired results until hair care technology from Brazil came along. Vitta Gold and Amazonplex (owned by Vitta Gold) are one of the first to replace these harmful products…

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Discover the Benefits of Aloe Vera for your Hair

In Brazil, Aloe Vera is known generically as Babosa. Aloe Vera is a plant that grows mainly in the dry regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and America. The plant has been known and used for centuries for its health, beauty, medicinal and skin care properties. The name Aloe Vera derives…

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