Our Hair Collections

Discover the transformative power of Vitta Gold and Amazonplex, the world's best Brazilian Nanoplasty Proteins. Our hair care solutions utilise exotic Amazonian plants, infusing essential nutrients and antioxidants for healthy hair growth. Achieve enhanced shine, increased volume, and improved manageability with Vitta Gold.

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AmazonPlex Guaraná - Best for UV and Heat Protection

Extreme Smoothing and Volume with Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory effects for healthy hair. Performance technology reduces pause time from 40-60 minutes to just  5-15 minutes.

AmazonPlex Açai - Best for Damaged and Frizzy Hair

Leading Organic Superfruit treatment for extreme Smoothing and Volume with Exotic Organic Compounds to penetrate the hair Fiber and Nourish the roots. Delivers full cuticle sealing, incredible Shine, frizz-free and Healthy hair.

Nanoplex Arginine Solar - For Instant Hair Repair

Ultimate Smoothing treatment for Volume and Growth with Sunflower Oil, L-Arginine, Vitamin D Complex and Bio Actives. Recommended for an extremely Smooth finish and Intense Shine to promote Health and Nutrition.  

Silk Express - For Super Fast Straightening and Silky Smooth Hair

Outstanding Smoothing treatment for Time saving!! This product is known for its Speed to deliver perfect Smoothing with Superfast processing with pause time from 5 to 15 minutes without any compromise in Performance even on Afro hair.  

Top One - Best for Intense Repair and Everyday Protection

Perfect Natural Colour protection and hair care benefits, this Brazilian treatment excels for Extreme Smoothness, Volume, Nutrition and Intense Shine. Ideal for all types of hair, especially dark hair.

Nanoplex Arginine - For Incredible Volume and Hair Growth

Best Smoothing treatment for Blonde hair with the powerful L-Arginine and Organic Compounds for maximum Smooth effect with the Perfect Colour protection of the strands. The best choice for Extremely Shiny hair, Strength and Health.

7 Oils - Heals Itchy and Oily Scalp, Removes Dandruff

Incredible Organic treatment for complete Nutrition, Hydration and Reconstruction of damaged hair. The 7 Natural and Special Oils with Vitamin E create an Anti-Oxidant protective film on the hair to Heal and improve Health, Elasticity, Shine and Strength. 

Babosa Liss - Best for Greasy and Oily Hair

Exceptional Smoothing treatment with Healing and Nutritional benefits of Aloe Vera. Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory properties balance the pH level in your scalp for Relief from itchy scalp, slows hair loss making your hair Supple and Smooth.

Coconut Liss - For No More Dry or Damaged Hair

Superior Smoothing treatment with real Brazilian Coconut and Anti-Oxidants to reduce hair breakage, protects from hair loss and sun damage. Provides a Natural Lustre that leaves hair Soft, Shiny, Moisturised and Healthy.

Duotox Arginina Hair Duotox - For Natural Smooth Hair

Preeminent Duotox treatment with Natural Oils and Amino Acids to Heal and restore the Capillary Fibre. Promotes Instant Super-Reconstructed hair, internal Regeneration from the Fibre to the Cortex. Provides a Natural Smoothing, deeply Nourishing, Sealed, Soft and Incredibly Shiny hair.