Our Values and Promise

Create a better future for our families

Chika Bella was started as a way to make life better for our Founder’s family, naturally this became ingrained into how we do business.

Feeling beautiful should come naturally

Without risk. Without harm to our communities, and our beautiful planet. We ensure our products are natural, sustainably sourced, and safe to use.

Conduct business honestly

We believe in telling the truth without needing to hurt others. We are transparent and open about how we do business so that we can build relationships built on trust.

Sourcing the best products

Chika Bella will only source first class, best in class organic, vegan, halal and clinically validated hair and beauty products.

Save time on beauty

To make the daily lives of women healthier and more enjoyable so that we all look and feel great with easily accessible beauty solutions that require little time to apply.

Deliver luxury that nurtures beauty

We believe in taking care of our natural beauty, to provide eco-friendly products free of abuse and harmful chemicals. It’s that simple!