Amazonplex Açai Nanoplasty Protein 1L


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Organic Superfruit Treatment, Extreme Smoothing and Volume.

Experience the true essence of Smoothing Beauty with Amazonplex Açai Berry Brazilian Smoothing Protein, an innovative vitamin-enhanced keratin system of excellence, developed with total adaptability to perform any type of Hair Treatments to perfection, rejuvenating and flourishing every kind of hair.

Vitamin-Enhanced Hair Rejuvenation

Developed with a unique combination of exotic organic components (Açai Berry Oils, Omega 3, L-Arginine, Multivitamins A, B, C, D and E) the protein penetrates the hair fiber cuticle, nourishing the root and hair strands with essential oils, nutrients, and vitamins, achieving world-class smoothness, softness, shine, and healthy results.

The Açai “Superfruit” organic oils provide full hair and scalp nutrition, penetrating the cuticles of your hair fiber, reaching the roots, and completely nourishing your hair with essential nutrients and proteins, bringing shine, hair growth acceleration, hair fall prevention and beautiful smooth looks. 

Amazonplex Açai renews the experience of Professional Cosmetics offering an adaptable product to perform the most diverse types of hair treatments with excellence.

  • Extreme Smoothing Hair Treatment: 100% beautiful straightening and full cuticle sealing.
  • Excellence Smoothing Hair Treatment: 85% natural smooth, 100% shiny, frizz-free and wonderful hair.
  • Curls Enhancement and Definition Treatment: More manageability, deep hydration, and shiny curly hair.

Frutal Acqua Scent to Amazonian Floral Fragrance

Our Smoothing Proteins not only treat and give your hair a wonderful new look but also provide a perfect aroma, with a unique fragrance. Experience for the first time a pleasant scent of a blend of Brazilian sweet fruits, with the purest water on the planet, making the complete experience flawless, even during the treatment.

Depending on the length of hair, 1L will provide 5 to 9 treatments.

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