Amazonplex Guaraná Nanoplasty Protein 1L


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Organic Superfruit Treatment, UltraFast Extreme Smoothing and Volume.

Unleash the powerful smoothing bioactives in your hair with Amazonplex Guaraná Express Smoothing Protein, an innovative, ultrafast, and powerful vitamin-enhanced keratin system, developed with cutting-edge technology for performing Hair Treatments with world-class excellence, and outstanding performance.

UltraFast Technology

Its unique, innovative, and stimulating formula combines oils and exotic acids from Guaraná (aka Paulinia Cupana), compounds such as theophylline, theobromine, and tannins (which provide stimulating, energetic, and nourishing activity for the hair) and outstanding product performance technology with time saving, fast and easy use reducing pause time from 40 to 60 minutes to just 5 to 15 minutes. The perfect union and completely Formaldehyde Free.

An extraordinary innovation that revolutionizes the world of hair treatments, ensuring better performance and better time-benefit for beauty salons and customers.

Guaraná Oils from Brazil

Its formula not only aims at complete excellence in performance and speed in Hair Straightening Treatments, but also works as a powerful antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory effects, protects hair fiber, stimulates hair growth and strength, and promotes anti-aging effects and rejuvenation, releasing all the incredible benefits of Guaraná.

Amazonplex Guaraná transforms the concept of using Professional Cosmetics by offering an adaptable product to carry out the most diverse types of hair treatments with high quality:

  • Extreme Smoothing Hair Treatment: 100% beautiful straightening and full cuticle sealing.
  • Excellence Smoothing Hair Treatment: 85% natural smooth, 100% shiny, frizz-free and wonderful hair.
  • Curls Enhancement and Definition Treatment: More manageability, deep hydration, and shiny curly hair.

Amazonian Floral Fragrance 

A pleasant and captivating fragrance that blooms from a mix of exotic Brazilian flowers, designed especially for strong women, passionate about beauty and empowerment, which renews the Hair Treatment routine, making the scent totally enjoyable, like a natural and remarkable perfume, making the experience pleasant from pre to after treatment, from the beginning to end.

Depending on the length of hair, 1L will provide 5 to 9 treatments.

How to Use