Oriental Ayurvedic
Amber Vanilla Patchouli Fragrance
Perfume 100ml


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The Sultana of Saba, renowned for its fragrances reminiscence of ancestral times, for its fascinating scents which transport from the first encounter, signs its first perfume “Amber, Musk, Vanilla”. The name of this precious jewel reveals the strength of its history. The essence of this perfume is a composition of oriental sublime fragrances like Amber, Musk and Vanilla, an expression of an authentic olfactory sensation with disarming charms. Faithful to its ancestral tradition, it is at the heart of the Indian valley that La Sultane de Saba has drawn its inspiration to create the Ayurvedic perfume. This fragrance unveils a subtle harmony between Amber, Vanilla and Patchouli. Radiating with sensuality, the Amber Vanilla Patchouli perfume reveals in an indescribable effect, its wake that captivates to the haze.

It is the whole art of perfumery that it contains, like a case of incense enclosing rare and precious barks.

Like an initiation to voluptuousness, its intriguing composition transforms into a dazzling burst of luxury on the skin. Sacred creation, inspired by Ayurvedic values, this fragrance is an element of harmony, an invitation to serenity, to pleasure.

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