Babosa Liss Collection



Healing and Nutrition for a Perfect Smooth with Aloe Vera.

Babosa Liss is a high-quality complete Brazilian Straightening Treatment made with Aloe Vera and 0% Formaldehyde. In addition to its healing properties and medicinal functions, it gives hair a perfectly straight finish with an extreme shine for up to 3 months.

Kit contains:

1 x Babosa Liss Aloe Vera Smoothing Protein 1L

1 x Babosa Liss Aloe Vera Shampoo 500ml

1 x Babosa Liss Aloe Vera Conditioner 500ml

1 x Babosa Liss Aloe Vera Mask 500g

1  x Babosa Liss Aloe Vera Serum 90ml


A smoothing protein that combines the several benefits of Aloe Vera and the highest technology on the beauty market for straightening even the toughest hair. Organic formula with 0% Formaldehyde.


Cleans and hydrates the hair, promoting a profound regeneration of the hair fibre and bulb and increasing its health.


Smooths and restores the hair, regenerating the strands and making the hair even more hydrated and shiny.


This layer gives your hair a shiny, not greasy, finish. Enhances the effects of the protein’s straightening treatment, providing shine and smoothness for longer.


The real treatment mask that has a detox miracle property, with a complex of vitamins. Rebuilds the hair and moisturises the hair, making it shiny and sealed.

How to Use