Coconut Liss Nanoplasty Protein 1L


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Superior Smoothing treatment with real Brazilian Coconut

Developed with real Brazilian Coconut, this famous protein is for healthy, absolute and natural smoothing treatment with Coconut Oil infused and high technology. This protein promotes an antioxidant action for perfect smoothing hair, reduces breakage and protects from hair loss, sweat, sun, heat and is 100% formaldehyde free.

Coconut Liss is famous for leaving your hair soft and shiny, in addition to acting on the inner layer of the strands, bringing a series of benefits to hair health.

Coconut Liss straightens your hair with its deep fiber moisturizer, reduces breakage, protects from protein loss, wet and sun damage.

This Protein treatment is recommended for an extremely smooth finish, seal cuticles, to promote health, nutrition and intense shine.

Depending on the length of hair, 1L will provide 5 to 9 treatments.

How to Use