Lizze Extreme Titanium Hair Straightener


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The Best Straightener in the World!

Save 70% of your time with the hottest Titanium Flat Iron on the market.

The Lizze Extreme is a professional high quality hair straightener with nano Titanium technology exclusively used by hair professionals and now you can too.

With Titanium floating plates on both sides which adjust perfectly to highlights and modelling making sliding easy without damaging your hair.

The Lizze Extreme delivers stronger and shinier hair that provides more colour protection. The best result, the best shine and the best straightening in a single product.

It also protects the wires from direct contact with the aluminium sheet, further facilitating sliding, making the smoothing process faster, more precise and more uniform.

The Lizze Extreme requires 4 passes per strand compared to 16 with other straighteners reducing the average time for straightening from 90 – 120 minutes to 45 minutes.