Nanoplex Arginina Solar Nanoplasty Protein 1L


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The revolution of Organic smoothing treatment combining L-Arginine, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin D Complex and Bio Actives infused for maximum smooth effect in all hair types and completely free of formaldehyde.

The true Organic smoothing treatment revolution with the strength of Sunflower. The Nanoplex Arginina Solar Protein is the perfect choice for natural straight results, intense shine, fast service and no smoke.

This Keratin and Nanoplasty Protein is a powerful smoothing treatment and Sunflower Oil-based that helps with hair growth, moisturizing, frizz, and hair breakage. This Protein treatment is recommended for an extremely smooth finish, seal cuticles, to promote health, nutrition and intense shine.

Depending on the length of hair, 1L will provide 5 to 9 treatments.

How to Use