AmazonPlex Serum Vitamin Blend 120ml


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Instant Softness, Smoothing and Protection.

Delight your hair with instant softness and a charming fragrance with the Amazonplex Serum for Straightening and Protection, coating your hair with anti-thermal protection, an instant daily straightening, and a lovely, remarkable and unforgettable scent.

Excellent to enhance the results of professional hair treatments, the Amazonplex Serum optimises the softness and hydration, in any kind of hair, empowering the smoothing effects of the treatment.

Vitamin Blend

Amazonplex Serum combines the most nourishing and revitalising hair effects with Vitamin Blend technology, combining ultra-nutritious and multivitamin oils from Açaí, Guaraná, Coconut, Shea, Macadamia, Cocoa, Murumuru, Tucumã and Avocado in a bloom of health and rejuvenation for your hair strands from the roots to the ends.

Amazonian Scent 

A pleasant and captivating fragrance that comes from Brazilian flora, mixing the most amazing sweet scents of nature, designed especially for strong women, passionate about beauty and representativeness, and who care to impact the places in which they arrive, with power, passion, and a memorable, impeccable fragrance.

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