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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

At Chika Bella we care about our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable economic development by working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve all lives in ways that are not only good for business but also for our brand, what we stand for and represent.

Our values and promise to create a better future without harming our communities and our environment are fundamental to Chika Bella’s business.

This does not only mean sourcing international multi-award winning organic, vegan and natural hair and beauty products for the health conscious woman but includes how we get them to you by using eco-friendly materials.

Our packaging is not the prettiest and for good reason. We use 100% eco-friendly biodegradable and reusable cardboard boxes made from 70% recycled materials which come tape free so no nasty plastics.

We also use poly mailer satchels made from 100% low density polyethylene plastic which is 100% recyclable. This is the safest alterative to PVC, BPA and polystyrene.

Our vision is to inspire everyone to work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner that prevents pollution, reduces waste and promotes recycling to conserve resources.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Nature Preservation

Chika Bella values the planet’s nature and for providing incredible natural ingredients which bring us wonders for health and beauty.

We guarantee a nature-friendly and self-sustainable sourcing of ingredients which are cruelty-free and in some cases 100% vegan.

With our partners, Chika Bella supports nature conservation NGOs like Amazon Watch, Indigenous peoples and other reputable environmental protection institutions.