Why Are Vitta Gold and Amazonplex Products Trusted Worldwide?

Hair straightening treatments have long been known to damage hair. Many harmful chemicals and components (like formaldehyde) were needed in these types of products to achieve the desired results until hair care technology from Brazil came along.

Vitta Gold and Amazonplex (owned by Vitta Gold) are one of the first to replace these harmful products and bring to the hair care market healthy Brazilian organic acids and oils, achieving results equal or even better than conventional chemical cosmetics.

Vitta Gold created awareness with trusted scientific proofs. People found our Brazilian keratin and smoothing products authentic and trustworthy. We promoted easy access to information about the best components in Keratin and Protein Brazilian Treatments, prioritising educating our market to choose the best components in hair smoothing treatments.

One of our goals is to formulate efficient products that provide excellent results that are not harmful to you, no matter the cost. These products are laboratory tested and approved by the FDA as they do not contain formaldehyde. This is the reason Vitta Gold products have gained immense support and trust from customers with 98% of our customers returning for repurchases. 

The technology for creating organic proteins, keratin and Brazilian products has become a global trend that we actively played a significant part in it. In addition, we innovate by making professional straightening treatments and solutions for use in the comfort of your home.

Therefore, the world trusts us, and we cherish this trust. 

Operations in More than 60 Countries in Less than 4 Years

In recent years Vitta Gold has significantly increased its market share and received international praise and recognition in more than 65 countries.

Not only is Vitta Gold spreading globally by the advancement of e-commerce but also through trusted local partners and operations in various countries around the world which, to name a few, include Algeria, Australia, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Belgium, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and many more around the world.

Middle East and Africa

Vitta Gold has the Official Seal of the Arab Chamber of Commerce, gained by a partnership with the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. It is the sole legitimate Brazilian representative of the Arab League’s business interest that brings 22 countries together that adopt Arabic as their official language. 

Halal-Certified Products 

Customers are conscious of the ingredients involved in product manufacturing. With the diverse population of the world there is a high demand for Halal products.  Vitta Gold produces Halal products and the best part is that these products can be enjoyed by not only our Muslim sisters but vegans too.

Gold Quality Assurance

As part of our Quality Assurance, Vitta Gold ensures the integrity and authenticity of each product ingredient. All our products fulfill safety and effectiveness standards which means they all are FDA and Cosmetic Product Notification Portal approved. 

Vitta Gold products (Brazilian keratin smoothing cosmetics) received recognition as safe and formaldehyde-free that work effectively.

New Revised and Improved Formula

Vitta Gold products are number 1 in the market because we continually renew and modernise our formulas with consideration of various cultures and consumer behaviour including the following. 

First, Vitta Gold manufacture halal, vegan, natural and organic hair styling relaxants and Brazilian keratin smoothing cosmetics. 

Second, in this fast paced world, everyone wants high performance in a short time and without compromise. So we listened and the formula for one of our most demanded products, Silk Express was improved.

Its pause time (time the product stays in the hair to act) was already short with excellent results compared to other products (40-50 minutes) on the market. This year, the Silk Express formula was modernised to provide excellent results in just 5 to 15 minutes and in a safe manner by adding state-of-art components like Tannins, Guaraná and Grape Oil and much much more.

Third, Vitta Gold continues to innovate and reinvest in their most famous collections. Nanoplex Arginina, the most famous brand in the Brazilian Smoothing Proteins market, is constantly updated – whether in the formula, where our Research and Development works tirelessly for further innovations and improvements, but also in the education, design and marketing for each product line.

Vitta Gold Annually Participate in International Cosmetics Fairs

Vitta Gold’s authenticity is renowned. Customers love to meet us at so many international cosmetics fairs. The most renowned international fairs in which Vitta Gold participate include: 

  • Beautyworld Middle Eas
  • Cosmoprof Bologna
  • Cosmoprof Las Vegas  

We take great pride in earning the trust of clients regardless of nationality, culture or lifestyle. We are always ready to study new markets, adapt our strategies and communication and create a plan that guarantees the success of Vitta Gold and above all from our trusted local partners.

Come, join us on our journey.