Coconut Liss 200ml – Brazilian Nanoplasty Home Protein Kit


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Extreme Smooth, reduce Breakage and sun damage Protection.

Coconut Liss is an Organic straightening treatment, with zero formaldehyde, made with Brazilian Coconut Oil, famous for leaving the hair soft and shiny, in addition to acting on the inner layer of the strands with many health benefits to the hair.

Our Coconut Liss Hair Kit contains:

  • 1 x Coconut Liss Nanoplasty Protein 200ml
  • 1 x Coconut Liss Shampoo 200ml
  • 1 x Coconut Liss Conditioner 200ml


Developed with real Brazilian Coconut, this Nanoplasty Protein straightens the hair with its deep fiber
moisturiser, reduces breakage, protects from protein loss, wet and sun damage and with zero formaldehyde.


Provides deep cleaning of the hair strands, nourishes the hair and scalp and reduces breakage.


Moisturises the hair with Nutrients, Vitamins, and Essential Oils present in the Brazilian Coconut, reduces frizz and Nourishes the strands.


Depending on the length of hair, 200mL will provide 1-2 treatments.

How to Use